22 Mar 2020
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Business as (un)usual
Posted by Sam Lane

Here at Alphabet we truly believe in the value of collaboration being the key to success. It’s very important to us that we continue with business as usual despite all working remotely under Government advice. Luckily for us, and with help from modern technology, we’re doing our best to take part in more digital workshops and conversations with our internal team as well as our clients, to reduce the effect COVID-19 has on our creative processes.

Stay Home 1

With a large percentage of our clients based outside of the UK, we’ve often relied on virtual sessions and finding creative ways to communicate remotely to ensure successful results. So you can say we’ve had a fair bit of practice for a situation like this. We’ll be using this period of self-isolation as an opportunity to share our experiences and personal stories as well as tips and tricks we’ve found useful over the coming days and weeks.

Protect NHS

As you have probably seen or heard that the government advice is to stay at home, protect the NHS, and save lives. With this in mind, we wanted to do our little bit to help spread this message in our own creative way so we have created a series of typographic designs and illustrations that help capture this idea.

Save Lives

The more people that see this message and start to take it seriously, the more lives we can save and the quicker we can start to come through the other side and get back to our normal way of life.

We have shared these designs on our Instagram and Twitter, so if you’d like to help spread the message then please feel free to save, screenshot, share or retweet.

We have also created stickers and uploaded these to GIPHY so you can use them freely on your Instagram stories to help spread the message in your own unique way.

Smart Phones

Finally, if you are a business or student and are looking for any design advice or help in these trying times then just give us a shout. During times like these, it’s more important than ever to help each other and our communities, and we’re committed to offering our services and expertise where possible.

We might not be able to chat face to face for a while but we’re always on the end of an email.

Stay indoors, wash your hands, and stay safe!

Illustrations: Icon8

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