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We worked on the rebrand of one of the leading cryptocurrency marketplaces in the world; Coindirect. We coined the strapline “Cryptocurrency for humans” and created a relatable, conversational tone of voice with a unique graphic device that informs the whole brand from image treatment to illustration. The end result is a brand that stands out in a saturated market, confidently.

Coindirect C icon Extended Loop
Logo left 1

The logomarque has been crafted to represent the movement and growth of funds as they are invested. To visually recreate this idea of movement, we generated a fading gradient effect that ends on a perfect circular point. The circular movement of the shape creates the form of the 'C' logomarque.

Sub-brands were created to represent the three core services that Coindirect offer; Wallet, Exchange and Marketplace.

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Smaller 1

The logomarque inspired the creation of a graphic device that interacts with imagery and typography to create branded content with real stand out value. To bring a more personal and honest approach to cryptocurrency, we focused on the different people and personalities that interact with the brand.

Coindirect Wesbite 2

Using the same visual style as the logomarque and the graphic devices, a completely bespoke icon pack was created to help showcase the key features of the brand in an easy to digest way.

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Logo Right 1

"The redesign evolves CoinDirect into a contemporary brand with a friendly personality that is straightforward, open and honest."

Sebastian Needler, Co-founder, Alphabet

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We created 3D animations to help represent the movement of money in a fun, playful and engaging way which aimed to make the concept of cryptocurrency more understandable to an entry-level audience.

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Coindirect Right
Coindirect Bilbord
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Animation Main

The graphic device is used to inform the design of the user interface, making the complete experience bespoke to the CoinDirect brand rather than relying on an off-the-shelf look and feel. The graphic device is used specifically to visualise graphs, charts and key details.

We created a completely bespoke website experience to make the user journey seamless from entry-level to experienced trader.

Coindirect Wesbite
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