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CEV Eurovolley
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EuroVolley is the flagship competition for Volleyball in Europe. As part of a full rebrand of CEV (The European Volleyball Confederation) we helped build a sub-brand for EuroVolley that would truly encapsulate the future of Volleyball.

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The Volleymark

Born from inspiration of the flags of all 56 European Nations, the Volleymark is the centrepiece of the brand identity. The shapes and angles illuminate the spectacular moments that transcend the sport.

The angles in the design of the Volleymark directly reference the angles used in the country flags. The final design is contained within the circular shape representing the volleyball itself.

Poster Left 1
Ticket Right 2

As the brand needed to be seen at all scales and on a wide-range of deliverables, we created a graphic device from the volleymark that can be cropped and used as a brand asset to create dynamic compositions.

Euro Volley Context 2
Euro Volley Context 3

The brand assets are married together on the court and it’s surroundings, with cropped graphic devices being used on courtside advertisement boards and smaller logos being used on finer details, like the net.

The display typeface is a classic geometric sans serif with a modern and energetic twist. A number of interesting angled letterforms represent the movement and fast-paced nature of the sport and are inspired by the angles found in the Volleymark.

Medal 2
Medal 1

The iconic shapes of the logo lend themselves well to the most important of applications such as the winners' medals.

Eurovolley Context 1
Eurovolley Context 2

“At CEV we recognised it was time for change and we now have Alphabet as a partner who are bringing new ideas and a new energy to European Volleyball.”

Aleksandar Boricic
CEV President

Euro Volley Trophy 2
Euro Volley Trophy 1

We worked with a CEV and a trophy manufacturer to ensure that the unique shapes of the Volleymark were captured and casted perfectly in the all-important trophy.

Insta 7 D 2
Euro Volley TV 2
Euro Volley TV 3

Designing for Screen

We worked with CEV to develop the full TV experience that brings a complex world of live data including league tables, charts, player profiles and in-match information together as a connected whole. It underpins the EuroVolley brand and enhances the game.

We brought variety to the brand by generating multiple applications of the graphic device and how this works with photography in particular. This enabled the brand to have real variety, whilst still remaining consistent and true.

Euro Volley Corporate 1
Euro Volley Corporate 2
Euro Volley Corporate 3

The brand is able to flex from bold and vibrant to premium and elegant. A less liberal use of highlight colours, plus a toned-down graphic device enables corporate materials to work in their relevant settings without diluting the brand.

Euro Volley Court 2
Euro Volley Court 1

It was important to create a brand which could be dialled up or down depending on the touchpoint. The court graphics were designed to be clean and clear to let the players be the stars of the show.

Euro Volley Sub Brands 2
Euro Volley Sub Brands 1

Sub-brand logos were generated in a horizontal 'badge' format which lends itself well to the application whilst still linking clearly to the EuroVolley mother brand.

Euro Volley Social 1
Euro Volley Merch 1
Euro Volley Social GIF 2

A broader and more digital-focused visual language was also developed, giving fans a richer, and more cohesive experience across social media.

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