11 Jul 2017
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Gig Retail - Brand Workshop
Posted by Abbas Mushtaq

Here at Alphabet, we always make sure we work closely with our clients to dissect their ideas and needs, no matter how big or small. One of the ways we do this is with our series of workshops we have developed to help build and deliver brands. It's a unique lesson plan that helps us learn more about the client, as well as hopefully giving the client a vivid new insight into their company.

Our workshops range in size from a one-to-one level to a group workshop and activities. From following us, or even browsing our website, you have probably seen that we're passionate and build our process as a design agency on the principle of "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." The Brand Workshops we carry out help us fulfill this and allow the client and their idea to have a voice full of personality and purpose that resonates with their audience.

Gig 2
Gig 1
Gig 4
Gig 3

We recently carried out a workshop with GIG Retail, based in Leeds, which we thoroughly enjoyed it and took a lot of information from the workshop that will help our process moving forward. We hope GIG took a lot away from it too, and we're excited to build our relationship further.

Our Brand Workshop is available to anyone, of any size. You could be a start-up that needs a new perspective to allow you to stand out, or an already established company looking to move with the times and reconnect with your audience. If you are interested in our Brand Workshops and would like to find out more information, drop us a line at hello@madebyalphabet.com and we'll be more than happy to explain our process in more detail.

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